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April 24, 2009


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Do you hear that, SWEETLAND??????????

Steve C.

And there's this one, by my wife:

"Live fast, die young and leave a well-marbled corpse."

Steve, you're mean. I think our guy Bill has a lovely approach to life. Even his passionate indignation at injustices is endearing (though I do worry that it isn't good for his heart). Anyone who can sing Wagner without having to say "kill da wabbit" because he knows the REAL words has my admiration! (I'm a big fan of Bugs Bunny opera.)

And Ron, great quote. I definitely will leave a "well-marbled corpse."

I really admire your father...he left a note that you would have left too!

Good advice for all of us!

You have no idea how good the timing is on this one.

Susan, someday I'd like to hear why. ...

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