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October 16, 2009


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thank god you found that polka-dot tie, otherwise the photo would suck.

Don't you look dapper and dashing!

My little David, he's all growed up!

When did this happen and what have you done my little brother, Daydo Potato?

Nice maximization of available hair, David!

I suppose I do have this coming.

My GOD, that is the exact same portrait that is hanging above the bar at The Manhole Club, on North Halsted, in Chicago!

I know, because I went in there once on accident. I swear. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Really.

Steve C.

Steve, the Manhole has been close for more than a decade. The portrait hangs proudly at Piehole Pizza Joint.

And as per usual, your jealousy is as uncamouflaged as your pate.

Susan - thanks for the gem of "Daydo Potato." As a loyal reader, i'm going to use that one to death.

Isn't there a way to make a blog available only to non-family?


Wow! Who'd have EVER thought that I would be the moderate one who went easy on him over this?!

All I said was: "Where did you lay your hands on a suit?? Did you have to rent it??"

And MY comment went by email [well, originally] so as not to embarrass the guy.

I AM loving "Dado Potato" though. Eileen: can we tag-team with it, do you think? Maybe we should work out a schedule for usages of it???

I'm happy to share...there's so much to go around with that one nickname.


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