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March 17, 2010


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I really wish they worked the store in Forest Hills, NY on Thanksgiving instead of calling my husband in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and claiming he was on the schedule when he wasn't supposed to be, interrupting our time and making him come to work. Even MY employers were disgusted by that. The only reason I deal with Walgreen's is because my husband is a pharmacist (with primary progressive multiple sclerosis mind you and he STILL gets scolded "for not moving fast enough") and has been for almost ten years and I get my prescriptions from there. That's it. Other than that their CEOs really need to open their eyes and see exactly what they put their employees through. I mean they cut employment due to "lack of funds" and then bought Duane Reade and renovated their Walgreen's stores. They didn't even make it accessible for those with disabilities! But, yet they cut hours and treat employees like crap and expect better morale? Seriously? I am thankful that my husband is still working, but c'mon! The only people who have helped the employees at Walgreen's were other employees. That's it. The CEOs don't know diddly squat about what they have done and aren't doing. There is supposed to be a visit at the Myrtle Avenue store in Brooklyn, NY today by one of the CEOs. I bet that person doesn't give a crap about the employees unless if its if they are wearing a tie or not, and if they are moving fast enough for customers. I hate them and they should burn along with Mayor Bloomberg.

I think I'll get off my soapbox now..


P.S. Do you have the date of that article from Walgreen World? I'd really love to put the above comment on it.


Sorry, Ami, I don't have the date, but I'm guessing it's March 2010, plus or minus a month.

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