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July 12, 2010


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I really wish the answer is that this could only have taken place in a bad dream you had during your trip. But I fear that isn't the case. And I'm not sure I want to know how you ended up in a shack in the woods with this crew.

In E. Annie Proulx's great novel, Postcards. Question is, are you Loyal Blood?

My guess is California. They're wonkier than all get out down there.

Was there banjo-playing involved? I'm thinking Deliverance country...

Aw, you all missed the easy clue.

The pasty is a Michigan Upper Peninsula "treat" that involves a football stuffed with corned beef and potatoes and pressed down into the size of a softball and eaten by people who apparently expect to go a whole winter before eating again.


So, the answer is, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the grim view from inside the shack, while accurate, is only one angle on the place. Another is: family and friends, isolated from the world, happily gathering each night at one another's cabins (called "camps" in the U.P.) and laughing the nights away.

Tribalism has its charms, too, and they were availed to me just as generously.

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