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May 19, 2011


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When you go to the YouTube home page and click on "Sign in" over on the top right side of the page, it takes you to the login page.

Instead of entering anything click on the little "can't access your account?" link.

Then on the next screen it takes you to, enter your email address and Submit. It should email you your password.

I know my password. This is the message I'm getting when I enter my YouTube username and password.


You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account.

The current email address for this YouTube account is already tied to another YouTube account.

Please link to a new or existing Google Account with a different email address.


Honestly, I've stared at those sentences like they're an Ezra Pound poem.

David, here is a SWAG at what might help you in this situation:


Thanks, Curt; I successfully unlinked my YouTube account from my Google account, but then when I went to link it to another account (what other account? I don't have another account?) I got this:

"Upgrade failed for unknown YouTube user."

Father, husband, writer, editor ... and unknown YouTube user.

That's me.

How can these assfaces not offer phone support?

(I've tried to create another Google account, but that hasn't worked either--again, perhaps because I am a d.f.)

Does this mean no more videos of the dog pooping?

Steve C.

The irony is, though I can't remove any videos unless I'm signed in, I can still upload the dog's downloads.

At least this gave the rest of us a chance to appreciate your wit. (I liked your plural "Obis Wan.")

Did you try typing your question into Ask.com? Sometimes I get good tech support that way (e.g., "How do I unlink my YouTube account...").

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