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November 22, 2011


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Lovely, David - your writing and your little girl both.
My oldest turns 4 o'clock this weekend. It's early, but he's an early riser and I can see him starting to stir already - too restless too soon.

Every day, one more step away.

As I try to get un-choked up, I'll paraphrase something that someone else once said (unless it was actually me and I can no longer distinguish:

Parenthood: Where the minutes can drag on like hours, yet the years fly by like mere minutes.

My daughters are 7 and 9, and I think thoughts like yours all the time.
Enjoy your holidays together. (And if you come to town to visit Hudson, look me up.)


Wonderful Scoutty. So brave and true. Hope you all have a Happy Birthday and a full t-giving too.

P engleman & Bcarney & sons

"Where the minutes can drag on like hours, yet the years fly by like mere minutes."

Truest sentence I've read today, including the ones I wrote.

Love to all,


Zoe's turning 21 and Jake's 17 in December. Luckily youth has a 48-hour clock.

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