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March 02, 2012


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Love, love, love it! Made my day.

Great Ad from a great agency. But I'd suspect Jim Durfee probably had as much a hand in the creation of that as Carl Ally, right? Wasn't Jim the head copywriter for those guys?

Might have been, Jeff, I'm not sure. Did Durfee go back to '63? Durfee v. Ally: One conversation I didn't expect to have.

The One Club seems to think so:


Not sure if he's being given credit because he was the head of copy, or because he actually came up with the campaign. Of course, it could be argued that in a creative team like that, the lines of who came up with what tend to blur past the point of attribution. Just wondering...

Well, all this was before I was born, so I won't quibble. It's just that last line about driving a car violently being cheaper than psychiatry that sounds all Ally--in whose car I did once ride.

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