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March 21, 2012


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"Propeller headwards once deliver a presentation"

I do like the new English.

OK, fixed "deliver," left Headwards.

Occasionally, when writing for a top public or private leader, the speech is the first-instance medium for making policy. That's one of the real rewards in this racket -influencing the exercise of power for a greater good.

Yes, Emerson, OCCASIONALLY. I was just telling somebody at the Speechwriters Conference (over my fourth Johnny Walker) that despite being editor of Vital Speeches of the Day, I'm not any more interested than the man on the moon in 99% of speeches delivered.

It's that one percent, where the speaker and the message and the audience and the occasion meet to truly interact some business ... them's the speeches that I live for--and that you write for.

Baseball players do well if they get on base a third of the time. For speechwriters, a good batting percentage is .010.

Schadenfreude. Hesitated between "headwards" and "headwords". Gave you the benefit of the doubt.

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