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May 17, 2012


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While we're at it, can we dispense with the cutesy tactic of throwing in a "bonus tip" at the end. Or, just as bad, ending with a "rule" that, having cited the list of however many rules for this or that, proclaims that "there are no rules." The only time to include these two bits is if you're writing about the rules for cliche articles about rules.

From now on this will be known as Rueben's Ruel.

The only exception to Rueben's Ruel is the variation in the classic Monty Python Australian Philosophy Dept sketch and it's rule #6 ("Rule 6: there is nooooo, rule 6."). Because it was original when they did it.

il n'ya pas de règles. "Le seul moment où d'inclure ces deux bits est si vous écrivez au sujet des règles pour les articles cliché sur les règles. Je vais aller de l'avant et mettre en signet votre site pour y revenir plus tard.

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