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May 24, 2012


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Three thoughts:
1) How great were Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton as Archie and Edith? Seriously, they just defined those characters so perfectly.
2) How come so few sitcoms (or pretty much anything on any screen) are written that well anymore?
3) How come people are still having this discussion? It is remarkable to think that All in the Family tackled this almost 40 years ago with such honesty and humour. And yet, at the risk of killing the Happy Hour happiness, it is equally disappointing that we're still grappling with this issue. We've certainly made progress. But the exact same conversation Archie and Edith had still happens countless times every day, only without the wit and laughs. And that's really a shame.

What Rue said.

Szia Annyira izgatott vagyok, találtam a blog oldalon, igazán találtam meg véletlenül, miközben kerestem a Yahoo valami mást, Akárhogy is vagyok most itt, és csak azt szeretném mondani, köszönöm fantasztikus posta és körös-körül élvezetes blog (én is szeretem a témát / design), nekem nincs ideje végigolvasni az egészet, de abban a pillanatban van-jelölt könyvet, és azt is hozzá az RSS feedeket, így amikor időm lesz vissza olvasni sokkal többet, kérjük, ne tartsa fel a fantasztikus munkát.

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