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June 26, 2012


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The trip back from Pine Hills to Chicago DIDN'T take two hours; it couldn't have! We got back the 95 miles to Chicago in twenty minutes. Or was I dreaming?

I had no idea, I swear, that you were as caught in Caro's toils as I was, choking back tears. I WAS aware that both of us were howling at the assassination antics of that soulless narcissist, LBJ.

Need I say that for me that day was as perfect and unforgettable as you write. It confirmed me in my belief that the greatest happiness in life is conversation. And by that I don't mean idle chit-chat and shop talk--although shop talk can assume the dignity of conversation if it brings ideas and reflection to the fore.

I remember at least a half-dozen things you said that stopped me in my conversational tracks and forced me to ask myself, "Is what he's saying right? Is it defensible? What do I really believe?"

And that, I submit, was what made that whole day memorable. I get so little of that exquisite feeling at any time in my life!


I was getting choked up because you were getting choked up. And the reason you didn't know it was that it was none of your goddamn business.

Jag var mycket glad över att upptäcka denna webbplats på bing.I ville säga tack till er när det gäller denna fantastiska inlägg! Jag surelyenjoyed varje liten bit av det och jag har du bokmärkt att ta en titt på nya saker du postar.

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