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September 18, 2012


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Where do I go to have a human interaction with a real person?

Only to the mirror, Jim.

Ah...I'm feeling I made the right decision, David. Though I would love to have grabbed a beer with you.

Bill, I'm working on a longer and more thoughtful analysis of the conference this year. There were obviously a lot more ideas and practicalities shared at the conference than this video could show.

But if you were there last year, you didn't miss anything ESSENTIAL this year. And vice versa.

It's still SUPER-early days for content marketing. What the later days will look like is still very much in question.

As a freelance writer, I have to express my complete and utter horror at this conference and the awful concept of "content" as a generic and virtually worthless entity. I can only imagine how little people want to pay for this bullshit. Thanks, David. If only I weren't Canadian I'd have a gun handy.

It's utterly gross. You are brilliant in exposing this emperor without clothes. How about some integrity about content, say i as an ex- journalist and speechwriter.

Rhank you david, please never stop!
Annelies Breedveld
The Netherlands

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