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October 30, 2012


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There was a time not too long ago that writing for The New Yorker meant you had arrive at the pinnacle of your career.

Now it means you're ready to run social media for a diet company.
Things really have changed.

Time to surrender to the new world.

David, if you surrender to the new world, I'm getting off of it.

Murray, to the new world: "NUTS!"

What the hell does it mean to "rock social media" anyway? Your old pal Crescenzo used to do his bit about the different types of communicators. Seems to me we have more and more of his Julie the Cruise Director types "rocking" the Love Boat these days. But they're doing it on Twitter so we're supposed to be really impressed. It makes me a little queasy.

There used to be two flavo(U)rs of Weight Watchers in Canada. Had to do with licensing. I was involved in the serious planning meetings for one of these WeightWathers -- the one run by Adelaide Daniels. Barb Sheffield, a good friend of mine, excellent PR woman, former and excellent president of CPRS, was deeply involved with the other international WeightWatchers. So I'm qualified to say that when you visit @weightwatchers in Twitter, nothing's being rocked. I'm going away now.

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