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November 28, 2012


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This, David, may well be my single greatest pet peeve about social media.

I try not to judge people's use of social media too harshly (lest my own self-indulgent use be judged). Wanna post pictures of your cats? Go ahead. After all, maybe I'm the only one of your followers who hates cats and doesn't think they're funny no matter what they do on YouTube. Wanna pretend you're the only person in town who has noticed it's snowing? I'll assume you thought I was locked in a windowless cellar and would appreciate knowing. Not that I'd really need a weather update in that case, but I suppose it's the thought that counts. Think for some strange reason I need to know that you're now "the mayor" of a Starbucks in Newark? You're wrong, but then you probably don't want to know about my morning commute either so I'll vent about that and we can call it even.

But please don't do the social media equivalent of offering to save my immortal soul when you've never made it past what God did on the first six days. Becase if I take the time to read the thing you thought I should read, odds are it will quickly become apparent that you didn't read it before offering an opinion on it. And so then I'll think you're a twit. And lord knows I have enough twits in my life already. Each additional one just further undermines my already precarious faith in humanity.

Rueben, it looks like I caught you on a good day. That was a pleasure to read.

Ya, like you read the whole thing ;)

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