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August 14, 2014


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I can't even drive a stick shift, much less a framework.

When I think framework, I think box kite. Maybe Microsoft should have asked for someone to "fly a compelling and consistent executive storytelling box kite."

I was once asked to be part of project because they needed someone who could "write the framework" for the project. I sat through several days of meetings where really smart people said really thoughtful things. Then we established a "framework sub-committee" (of course) and convened another meeting to discuss the framework. That lasted another two days, with the smart people nodding wisely as they talked about what should be in the framework. Then the sub-committee handed it over to me and the two people who started this whole thing to get down to writing the framework.
It was at this point that I finally said, "Since I'm writing this thing, what exactly do you mean by framework?"
Thoughtful pause in response, followed by: "That's a really great question. Let's talk about that."

Dilbert lost popularity when we realized it was journalism.

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