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July 27, 2016


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Tim Kaine should mention that if elected he'd cure us all of our insomnia. Good grief. You know when they say a speaker is so good he could read the phone book and people would want to listen? They aren't talking about Tim Kaine.

So ... this guy literally just said "We gave our first born so that I could run for VP." Did I hear that right?

Tim Kaine as President?

Bernie is dying a silent death. #blesshisheart

Tim Kaine is at his best when he's doing the world's worst Donald Trump impression.

Of course she (Rachel) did.

Leon Panetta just said Russia is a threat, but the news reporters are questioning him on that.

They are?

This guy is no Tim Kaine. ;)

To answer your question ... I'm from the other side (though not really a Trump supporter at all), and I thought this was a very effective speech -- far better than anything we heard at the RNC convention last week. I didn't vote for him in 08 or 12, but I think I'm writing Barack Obama into my ballot this November.

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