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July 28, 2016


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If Morgan Freeman just read all the speeches for the entire four days of the convention, Hillary'd win in a landslide.

So far, HRC's speech is a snooze.

Her praise for Bernie and his peeps sounds like a lot of pap.

And now we get a review of history with no new insights. Hmm ...

Moment of reckoning sounds promising, though.

Fear itself.

And Isis.

Didn't we hear all this from the other six people who have stood up there and recounted her resume for the last four nights? Where's the VISION?

Wait ... she's a WOMAN???

How am I just hearing about this now?

Took a looooooong time to get here.

"I believe in science!" [creepy giggle]

Seriously ... play it back. That was creepy.

Am I the only one thinks HRC looks like a Martin Sheen?

That's not a knock; I like Martin Sheen and may still write in Jed Bartlet when I vote in November.

Nice Chumbawamba paraphrase there.

These comments are ridiculous and offensive

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