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November 06, 2017


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Good for her. What a fantastic time she'll have!

Proud Pop. As it should be.

It doesn't change even as they (and we) get older.

My tears flowed when my daughter left for Uganda. And when she left for Europe. And when she left for Vietnam.

But despite our tears, they return incredibly enriched by their experiences.

Scout will have an amazing time. And despite your tears now, nothing -- nothing -- will be more special than that first hug when she returns.

OK, but Scout is not going to Uganda without me.

Amazing that she gets to stay in a friends house. So much cooler than a hotel and tour guides, especially in a country where even "pizza" and "chicken" can be an eye-opening experience. It takes brave parenting to have such a brave daughter!

Brave parenting, John! That's what I keep telling people! But they keep focusing on the "brave daughter" and what a "fantastic time she'll have." Hell!

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