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June 06, 2008


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First things first - Hurrah! David's blogging again!

Ahem, now then, we (that's "we" as another version of "they say" in case you were wondering)keep whining and moaning that politics and the political system are dysfunctional, and we wish policicans and politics in general could be "different", "more in tune with the real world", "address real issues in normal language" .

Well, here he is - Obama is exactly what we've all been saying we wanted for years (I bet even some Republicans, in their heart of hearts, agree that some of THEIR over-the-top representatives could do with a dose of "real-world-itis" even if Obama isn't their choice as replacement).

This is one of those tricky moments that are fraught with scary choices, you know like when Granny told you: "Careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it!"

If we don't at least give Obama the opportunity to TRY to do politics differently, then we have been blowing smoke with our insistence we want change, and we all deserve to have more of the same old BS, pandering, useless polticial system garbage we've all been forced to wallow in for the past decade.

So there!

Welcome back to the blogosphere--it was getting a bit chilly here without you to warm things up...

As a hardened Obamanaut (and one who doesn't agree with him on everything), I loved this--but didn't think it went far enough.

Yes, Barack seems far more centered than the average pol. But his centeredness and his stage presence in large basketball arenas belies a formidable intelligence and an ability to synthesize ideas from different and seemingly conflicting sources.

This is a big part of what makes his presence electric. He owns his content. He ain't faking it. And, speaking of courage--for a forty-something African-American with an attractive wife and young children to take on the Republican Party (and it's auxilliary, the National Rifle Association) in the highest-stakes presidential race in decades, little more needs to be said.

The lesson for communicators--effective communication takes places when one is talking the talk...and walking the walk.

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