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September 22, 2008


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David - this was wonderful! I completely felt like I was *there* with you for every gust of wind, mosquito bite and exhilarating minute(although frankly, being the lazy wimp I am, I'm kinda glad I wasn't!)

Terrific story! Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks, Kristen, for the kind words, and the idea for a slogan:

Murray's Freelance Writing. We help you feel like you were there (and be glad you weren't).

I only wish I could write like that!

Great stuff... sort of puts one in the market for a boat.

It sure had me thinking about it, Allan.

For your next posting I want to hear about that first motorcycle ride on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.....

Well, you can read about that in "Rambling, At Home and Abroad," in CATEGORIES, above right.

It's part of "Volunteering for Scout Duty."

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