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December 29, 2008


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the inauguration about the president and his vision, yadda, yadda, yadda, not a speechwriter trying to get his 15 minutes of fame?

Yeah, Diane, that's what I'd have expected one of the president-elect's men to have told Favreau some weeks or even months ago.

Maybe this is what happens when you go to Noonan for advice...Does he have a book deal yet?

Good point, Reuben. Yes, the main source of trouble is ALL speechwriters to some extent have gotten guidance from Noonan the Ghost Windbag, and that genie won't go back in the bottle. But this Favreau kid is--inadvertently with his Clinton boob-grab and inconceivably with his declarations about the historical importance of the rough draft on his hard drive--is setting new records.

And dear God, will you please tell me why I always spell it, "Reuben"?

Is this the same Jon Favreau shown drunkenly groping a cardboard cut-out of Senator Clinton? Is there any truth to the rumor that, to be fair in his tasteless denigrations, he also tried to force-feed a cardboard cut-out of former Senator Obama some watermelon?

Years ago I wrote a speech for a corporate executive and, as good speechwriters should do at least once in a while, I watched him deliver it.

Watched in cringing horror, that is, as, near the end of what was a pretty good speech, he made some offhand remark that began "as my speechwriter said the other day...."

I don't remember what he was referring to, but I do remember how deeply embarrassed I was for him, and for me. Speechwriters should always -- ALWAYS -- be anonymous, hidden, shrouded in mystery, for the sake of their speakers' credibility and for the sake of their own humility.

This guy will gone by March. Sadly, he will almost certainly write a behind-the-scenes book about Obama's run for the presidency and become a news network hack commentator of some kind.

Classic case of someone who read their own headlines and began to believe them.

All very well said, Ron. Alas, that's why I blame his youth and not his character.

He hasn't yet suffered the devastating humiliations we come to call "experience."

Indeed. Sometimes being successful too early leads to obliviousness and the long-term mediocrity that comes with it..

I think many Americans, if they ever hear of this guy, might first exclaim: Wow, the guy from Swingers writes Obama's speeches? I know I did a doubletake the first time I read about Favreau the Speechwriter. It was soon after I had seen Ironman which the OTHER Jon Favreau directed so I guess I had that one on the mind.

Anyway, I think you all may be right. This kid is going to be kicked to the curb once the big, soaring "beginning of term" speeches are delivered. Obama is going to have to talk about details at some point soon and I don't think that's quite Favreau's specialty.

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