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January 26, 2009


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Is this going to be a "thing" with you now - being all crabby about Favreau and jumping all over every single mention of him for as long (or short) as he remains on Obama's staff??

You're starting to sound like Crescenzo with all his snide little back-handed shots against Obama.

Does anyone REALLY give a hoot about Favreau, when there are so many more interesting and (arguably) more qualified, like Rahm and Hillary just to name two?

I think you are defeating your own purpose by giving Favreau ink in mentioning his business here. How about we all agree to just ignore this child, and hope he goes away? Whaddaya say???

This hasn't a thing to do with my feelings about Obama; my thoroughly expressed admiration hasn't wavered.

But I'm on the Favreau Watch, like it or not--just because mine is the communication beat and Favreau, for better and for worse, is the communicator-in-chief, and he's fucking it up royally. (As did several of his predecessors in the Bush administration and Peggy Noonan, the mother of all the speechwriting braggarts.)

It's not as if I'm following young Favreau home at night and peaking in his windows.

I will stop writing about him the moment he manages to do his duty and disappear from my Google Alerts (he did recently remove his Facebook page--a good move). Or, gets the shit can--whichever comes first.

I'm betting it's the shit can, and I doubt I'll find any takers.

So what the hell: I hope he surprises me.

Ugh! I concede that you are right on Favreau. Just saw this on MSN.com:


The speechwriter for this President should be ashamed of himself for thinking, let alone publicly admitting that he doesn't read!! If Obama can find time to read (and, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest he's a "tad" busier that young Favreau) then buddy, so should you!!

I wasn't a fan before, but now? He's done in my book!

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