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March 16, 2009


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I would love to haul a big rolling barbecue pit behind that truck. Beauty, eh.

Cristie saw this picture and said, "Oh, the guy fixed the truck. It used to be, like, scary."

Gonzo, As a guest passenger in Scout, I take serious offense to the guy giving you a contemptuous stare. How dare he!!!

And Ron, it would be cool to haul the BBQ pit behind it, but on principle, I say "no", in honor of the Scout.

Well, Susan, I don't know--remember, when David was driving us around Chicago (emitting a vaporous brake fluid fume in our wake), those kids pulled up beside us and asked if we were on some kind of tour!

That truck belongs in the Mat-Su Valley. It's our kind of trash. The guy is our kind of guy. This is Palin country, and you have a transplant right there in your neighborhood. Get yourself some of those stick-on bullet holes, David, and he'll think twice about scorning you.

For those who like Palin country updates, I have one. On the radio this morning, the DJs did their weekly "Craig's List Price Is Right" in which they find Alaskan Craig's List ads and then try to guess what people are asking for their odd goods. On today's list was, straight from Palmer (the town neighboring Wasilla) this entrepreneurial breakthrough: toilet seats painted with landscapes. Doesn't that sound beautiful? Makes me so proud to be one of the Valley Trash! It'd be a true accent to my trailer house, don't you think?

I've decided to create a shitty-car contest, via the Huffington Post:


Maybe this will go viral, and nationwide. In which case, Joan, keep your peepers open in the Mat-Su Valley.

My pal Tom Gillespie writes about his own Scout, a Mad Maxian rust-bucket with a hilariously incongruous bumper-sticker that says, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

"It's getting uglier by the day and by that I mean better looking," Tom says.

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