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March 19, 2009


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Video not available?

I don't have this problem when I try to play this, but if you do, push "HQ" button, which appears next to the sound button upon pushing play.

Fabulous, just perfect. So perfectly Murray.

You may want to check the video upload, because trying to press "play" results in the "Sorry, this video is not available" screen. I was able to watch it when I hit that HQ button, like you suggested.

Too adorable!!
Scout is a great little actress.

too fun

I LOVE this David! Will you be doing the succeeding decades in the appropriate styles too??

Looking forward to more videos!! and, MORE SCOUT!!!

Oooh, decade-by-decade. Now THAT'S an idea.

Sign your star to a multi-picture deal NOW!! Before she realizes she's famous and asks for more money . . . or, more cookies, as the case may be!!

Oh Davey, what a great start to my morning. I poured my first cup of coffee, checked to see if you had any blog updates, and then got that treat. Well done, my friend! It had everything--you, Scout, THE Scout, great Chicago neighborhood shots, a country road that looks like the kind I drive on (where on earth does a road like that exist in your urban neck of the woods?), comedy--an absolute delight. I'm so glad to call you my friend. I like your mind.


Thanks, Joan! (That little patch of dirt road was about 150 yards long in total, and I found it in a place where the mob dumps bodies, along the canal over by 111th and Harlem.)

Anyway, glad you liked. Me glad to know you too.

PS: A round of applause for your last post in yesterday's blog. Perfectly stated, and I completely agree.

David - this is just fabulous use of social media. Have you Tweeted the video yet? Or maybe emailed it to PS?

Heehee...and ditto to Joan H's comment. Kent State's Bill Sledzik has a less entertaining but valuable thread on Tough Sledding...

I love this! When she's sitting, mouth open and hands on cheeks, she couldn't be any cuter.

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Scout is a natural. You both worked this beautifully...you know I'm going to tweet it. :)

Actually, this is a perfect example of creative communications that Steve and Cindy could showcase as well! :)

Um, I'm feeling kind of bad for John here....

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