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April 15, 2009


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Does the saying, "You reap what you sow" apply here, perhaps?

A little more than a year ago in a fit of grandiosity, I actually wrote to Zell and told him his newspaper was dreadfully dull and told proposed to him that for the sum of $100K I'd give him 10 fascinating, imaginatively reported and well-writtten stories over the course of a year, the likes of which his lily-livered editors wouldn't have the guts to publish. The stories could be a model for a newspaper that people would actually want to read.

(See, I believe people will read interesting stories, and I don't believe newspapers often report interesting stories.)

He replied that he wasn't nuts about some of the sample story ideas I proposed to him. I respected that. But then he added that he had to "trust my editors to give readers what they want."

I was too shocked at receiving a response to lecture him about how you can't run a newspaper like a real estate company.

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