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April 16, 2009


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Perfect timing on this post, David! I was just commenting on Cindy Crescenzo's most recent blog post that I still don't "get" Twitter. And my (god help me!) Twitter status (or Tweet or whatever the hell the correct term is!) for today begs for help in figuring that out. (I should say that a couple of Twitter friends did offer some good advice and sources to help me figure it out - and I appreciate that!).

Tell you what - I'll kick in and send you a US-fiver in the snail mail if you'll share whatever wisdom Shel and/or Neville give you on this - Deal?

I absolutely love your raw take on a nasty situation.

So you agree this is nasty with only more nastiness in the forecast, Stacy?

Well, I'm glad you love my take, anyway.

I'm actually big into Anti-Social Media. I follow this blog called "Writing Boots" and...

Keep the faith, Dave.

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