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June 16, 2009


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Was he being ironic? It sounds like a typical corporate environment.

Diane, if you read his original post (link embedded above), I'm afraid you'll have to conclude he wasn't being ironic.

What is ironic is that the dreaded corporate types know better than the bloggers that a phalanx of flip charts and a roomful of well-intentioned people does not lead to a business model.

My bad, but it is the morning, and I'm in a rush to be off to the corporate job with its flip charts. That's why I assumed irony. No one in the real world would suggest it.

Did someone say FLIP CHARTS????? Lucky Diane! Anyone who uses "manifesto" and "vet" in the same sentence is not to be regarded as a tad pompous.

I meant SHOULD be regarded as a tad pompous. Sheesh! Some editor I am.

I think anyone who uses the words charette, phalanx, sustainability and manifesto in one paragraph should not be able to refer to himself as a blogger.

Seriously, I had to look up charette. And I'm halfway smart.

Good point, Robert - and timely. I was all set to launch my new blog: The Sustainability Phalanx Manifesto. Guess, it's back to drawing board...maybe I'll hold a charette to come up new name ideas...

Rueben -- you mean, back to the flip charts. :-)

How many corporate facilitators have taken advantage of the childlike belief that the most disagreeable group of people is just a bunch of flip-chart lists and sticker votes away from a powerful concensus?

They know from history that nothing great was ever created, nothing difficult was ever overcome by such an activity, but still, they hope against hope that to make leadership out of teamwork, to spawn genius from groupthink.

And you're right, all: Big words here are trying and failing to hold up a teetering collection of foolish assumptions.

Thanks for the coverage of the roundtable. It's moving forward.

I mean, not thanks to you or anything ;-)

My question is why would you want to seek consensus among a group of bloggers? The best bloggers are independent-minded, more than a little self-centered and their sole purpose in life is to throw meat into the ring and see if any dogs will come to chew on it.

Bloggers are the anti-consensus builders. Asking them to band together for any cause would be like asking a group of doctors to come up with a new marketing campaign for cigarettes. It would be like asking a group of preachers to plan the next trip to Vegas.

In fact, one of my complaints about my own blog is that there's too much agreement among readers who comment. Where's the dissenting voice? Where are the readers with the tough questions, or at least the questions I didn't think to ask?

A blogosphere roundtable. Indeed.

Mike, if you invite me, I'd love to cover it again!

Thank you. I forgot about "bees knees."

I disagree, Robert! ;-)

Here here!

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