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July 27, 2009


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I had to laugh when I read the 'crass lead-dog bumper sticker’ line. Taped to my monitor at work is a 'fortune' with that phrase on it. I stuck it there in hopes of boosting myself up about being the boss. Frankly, after all these years I have realized, the lead dog is the first to be smacked in the face with adversity, and ticked off customers. Maybe it’s better to be staggered-to the side and back-and have a buffer. Being where the buck stops is overrated.

I assume I will not be your typical Writing Boots reader, but I am happy to see the story of your trip. And I will check out the other non-politico posts. Brian, I am sure will be an avid follower. And by the way, the face shield was not awful. I would think seeing is important. Tommy on the other hand, I made fun of him in his helmet before he even left.
Can’t wait to read the rest. You are inspiring me to get started on my own plans!
Tina O’Malley


Next post is about dads. Might make your roof leak. Maybe you can wipe your tears on the stupid "lead-dog" thing.

Glad to have you in Writing Boots. They fit.


"If you don't look cool on your motorcycle, you've failed to meet your primary objective. "That needs to be cross-stitched somewhere on a pillow in your house, David. It's profound.

Don't know if profound, but definitely true, Eileen.

And we'll take true any day.

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