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August 14, 2009


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Here's the best line from this post for me:

"I had to show my life insurance agent an electronic map to prove that traveling to Nova Scotia didn’t mean leaving North America."

You myopic, insular Americans are so cute!

P.S. That video of Scout welcoming you home is just the BEST! I'll be smiling remembering it all day long!

What a great video. That's how I imagine heaven will be one day - reuniting with our loved ones who've gone before us.

Kristen, it makes me smile too.

Eileen, that is a very very nice thing to think about.

Brazen Careerist and travel-hater Penelope Trunk has an item that complements my sentiments in a way.


David, anyone who can watch that video of Scout and not smile even a little bit is without a soul.

It reminds me of something my grandfather told my mother when she asked him why he has so damn resistant to leaving the house he had lived in for almost 60 years. His response - "Sometimes, late at night, I close my eyes and can still hear the sound of little feet scurrying down the hall to greet me after coming home from work. If I leave this house, I'm afraid I won't hear that any more."

Wow, Jason. You're making me nostalgic for Scout already. Thanks for that story.

Thanks for sharing this great story.

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