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August 03, 2009


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Worst three bosses I've ever had were ostensibly communicators who had an unfailing gift for being unable to communicate with anyone as human beings. Odd.

I once consulted for an employee communication director who wanted to use an employee newspaper to turn employees into company ambassadors--a dubious notion that I went along with only because the consultancy I worked for was being paid $30K to execute it.

But things didn't get really nuts until the client, a six-figure marketing VP, insisted over all sensible objections on naming the publication:

"The Ambassador."


We're communicators. We want to write, not manage the writers. However, I will say a business degree, minor or even just a few Business 101 courses will make us all better corporate communicators -- allowing us to see the business first and communications role in it.

You should think that communication managers are good bosses. After all good communication skills are key to getting the best out of a team. But sadly it isn't always so. I've met many communication managers who were so keen on talking, that they forgot that listening is a very important part of communicating as well. A deadly sin for any good manager.

That's been my experience too, Tara. Thanks for your comment,


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