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August 05, 2009


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Hi there,

Cynthia from Nova Scotia Tourism here. I came across your blog posts about your trip to Nova Scotia. Entertaining, a good laugh at the stunt. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it some day. We see quite a few motorcyclists come through the Cabot Trails, I think for the challenge of it all. Shame you didn't have better weather.

Anyway, I thank you for sharing your journey...not only with your daughter but with anyone else who luckily stumbles your post like I have. And if you want to compile any of your videos, the stunts and the driving, we'd love to see it in our iLove Nova Scotia contest. We always love to hear from our visitors.


And of course if you have any questions or need anything be sure to send an email. cynthia@novascotia.com.

Look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey.



PS. I love your bit about us Nova Scotian women. I can picture them all!

You're on the ball, Cynthia—typical Nova Scotia woman!

Thanks for writing; I DO love Nova Scotia.


Thanks for this post. I got my motorcycle license last year (at age 51) but haven't been back on the bike in a while. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the reward part of the equation.

What's your bike, Ellen?

Until I develop more confidence, I have a Honda 250 Nighthawk. Not sure what I'll want at that point. My husband also has a BMW R1100S, a Honda 500 with a sidecar, and some kind of Yamaha that's been in pieces in our garage for the past couple of years while he rebuilds it.

Well, I do like my Triumph Bonneville T-100; doesn't seem like too much bike--but always seems like plenty ....

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