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August 03, 2009


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Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, and glad you liked our small corner of the world here in Cape Breton. As a communications consultant living in Baddeck (yes, really), I was intrigued by what you had to say.

Baddeck changed my life, Stacey! But what do you think about my theory of Canadian women?

Well, I'm a woman, so I liked the idea we appear to be in charge. The reality? Not so sure...probably a mix, like anywhere. Perhaps American women are just more subtle about their in-charged-ness...maybe you live it every day and don't even notice :-)

But how did Baddeck change your life?

Baddeck is a charming town, obviously.

But sitting in that yacht club having a couple of beers while the crazy weather (was it not insane from about June 18 to about July 12?) turned from clouds to sun ....

It was literally and figuratively the turning point of the trip.

As for Canadian women; perhaps it is not that they are so strong, but that Canadian men are so meek?

I'm sure some of my Canadian readers will chime in—or gong in.

Meek? Maybe. Or maybe we Canadian guys are just smart enough to know how lucky we are to have those splendid Canadian wives and so we don't push our luck.

That could be, Rueben; though I've been careful not to include Western Canadians in this conversation, Calgary man Ron Shewchuk did tell me my favorite Canadian joke.

Q. How do you get 100 drunk Canadians out of a swimming pool?

A: You say "Okay, everyone get out of the pool please." (At least, that's the version we tell our American friends.)

Sure wish there was a way for everyone on Cape Breton hear your story.

Why, Peter?

Rueben: Yep, that's the version I got ....

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