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September 09, 2009


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Oh, I'm still insulted. I just don't like my odds if I were to call out my clients' rude behavior.

What really insults me, though, is the prevailing attitude that exists in so many people today before it actually manifests itself in such rude behavior.

Yeah, you're right, Robert. It's not about the technology. It's about the assholes.

Hmmmm, timely post. I was on the subway just today and was disgustedly noting how many of these ya-hoos were thumbing away on the fool things. Um - HELLOOOOO! Subway - underground?! As in "no service"?? What the hell are you typing!?

One guy in a business suit was typing away whatever "vitally important" BS one-handed and he didn't even LOOK as he walked onto the train. I found myself uncharitably wishing the doors would close on him, or that the gap between the platform and the train was big enough for the goof to fall into it!!

I hate it!! Rude, rude, RUDE!!! Robert may not be able to call out clients, but I sure can call out my friends. Here's how it is - if you are too busy to pay attention to our conversation after I shlepped my tush all the way downtown to meet you for drinks, dinner, whatever then I'm going home.

The ONLY people who can get away with saying they MUST be reachable at all times are emergency surgeons on call, and criminal lawyers [cause crooks rudely refuse to commit felonies within business hours]. Everybody else: shut the damn thing off - at least while we have dinner!!!

I think most of the problem is that 'customers' expect you to be available at all times. As soon as they discover you have a blackberry-that's it, you better be at their beck & call. I value my family time, so at 5:00, I 'log off' for the day. Obviously there are times when I can't do that, but more often than not, I can. I do go above and beyond for my customers, don't get me wrong. But, if I lose a customer because I don't answer my phone at 8pm, so be it. Is that bad? Maybe. I strive to create balance between work and family-it's hard. But I think no one on his deathbed says "I wish I would have worked more".

Kristen, I once stopped dating a woman because our lunches and dinners were constantly interrupted by incoming calls and text messages. Big Red Flag.

Tina, I've been in business as a consultant for 9 years. I don't own a Blackberry -- purposely have refused to get one -- for the very reason you state. Not having one doesn't seem to have negatively affected my business.

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