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September 10, 2009


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There is visual communication. In my case still photography, moving towards moving pictures. I like photos mixed in with writing or even just by themselves.

I often wonder why some people use so many words?

Mark, I'm just discovering my ability to mix video and photos with my windbaggery, and I agree, it's extra fulfilling.

I'm best at words, so I'm going to use them most as I did in this series ....


... but pictures and video capture things that words don't, and they're fun to do.

To answer your question, David - No. The concept of a world in which I didn't write gives me a flash-back to the 60's TV show Lost in Space and a quote from the robot: "Does not compute. Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!"

To answer Mark's question: Sometimes, Mark, the words just burble up unceasingly, out of every nook and cranny in us, and if we didn't find a way to put them down somewhere some way to express the myriad of feelings, thoughts and experiences that plague us, well, we'd explode. Speaking strictly for myself, I do make a concerted effort to only use the right words, and not to annoy the non-writers in my world over-much with my addiction to words.

Thank goodness then, for places like David's blog, where I, and others like me can indulge - guilt-free - our manias for vocabulary, grammar, syntax and an unabashed love of using and sharing lots and lots of words!

The thought of a word without self-expression and connection through individuals' self-expression is completely depressing.

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