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September 30, 2009


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Thank you, Jerry Seinfeld.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

I love this.

Thank you for the dedication.

(You put Casey Kasem to shame.)

The version I've heard is, after you say something someone agrees with, they say: "I know, right??" Just as annoying.

YES, Robert, that's the elongated version of the same damned thing?

Where did this odd usage come from?

What does it mean?

Why has it spread?

And why does it turn a rational man murderous?

I agree with your rant, David, but if we're going on about word crutches, can we just talk about how many times in this 60-second video you said: "What is that?!" ?????

I'm just saying' [and yes, that's a word crutch too!]

You're silly.

Kristen, you got me. Joan, so did you.

I am not embarassed to admit that this expression frequently comes out of my mouth.

I'm not asking you to be embarrassed, Jason.

I'm asking you to either explain your constant usage of this weird expression, or cease.


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