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January 27, 2010


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Are the Republicans ordered not to applaud no matter what he says?! How can they NOT support investing in small businesses, and rewarding companies who keep jobs in the USA???

Wow! Obama still doesn't get it! If he keeps on the path he just projected in the SOU then come Fall it will be a blood-bath for his party.

I watched the Repbublican response after the SOTU, and so I personally - with my very own ears - heard BOTH SIDES say they wanted to remove partisanship and work together for the good of the American people. I HEARD THEM SAY THAT, didn't you???

I was all excited as I went to bed, expecting this morning to hear the pundit-a-palooza this morning suggesting ways they actually could do that. In fairness, one or two of the Republican representatives who's opinions of the speech I read DID acknowledge Obama's recognition of some of the things the Republicans advocate.

However, most of them were just blathering on in the standard fashion, disagreeing, it seems simply on principle rather than substance, since a number of the things Obama talked about are things the Republican are supposed to be supportive of.

Apparently "an end to partisanship" REALLY means "if you do what we want on everything, we'll support you. Otherwise, up yours!" Who knew?

Oh yeah, one more thing - John McCain. Maybe he gave other comments elsewhere, but the only one I saw from him was his stating his objection to the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell".

Really, John?? REALLY?? That's ALL you have to say, as the other candidate in the last election for the Presidency, that is ALL you offer on the state of the union address with the oh, at least 8 or 10 issues facing the American people right now that are HUGE?!?! All I can say is boy am I glad you didn't win, John! Yikes!!

Kristen, this is a secret, and I'm only telling you. The whole SOTU exercise is an American ruse to get the Canadians fired up about what assholes were are, so you shake your heads in dismay and turn away and we can do all our crazy, terrible, stupid shit the rest of the year!


David - thanks. Now here's a secret for you: I'm probably one of only about 12 Canadians nation-wide who gets all fired up over your SOTU.

You wouldn't know, but we've got our own full share of assholes up here, and they're doing enough "stupid shit" to keep us MORE than occupied. Does the word "prorogue" mean anything to you?? No, I didn't think so. Take my word for it - at least your "stupid shit" is done in plain English so you know what you're yelling about. Up here - not so much!

No, I don't know what "prorogue" is, but I'm for it!

No, David, no you are not for prorogue! Don't let the "pro" part fool you. Trust me.
And we actually do have our own version of the SOTU. It's called the Speech from the Throne [Insert toilet joke of your choice here]. It's basically the same idea as the SOTU, but read by the Speaker in as monotone a delivery as humanly possible - I think in the hope that the few people who listen to it will fall asleep by the halfway point so the Speaker doesn't actually have to finish it.

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