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February 21, 2010


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It was a good game, but you can only imagine the disappointment and frustration this side of the border, David. It is already being referred to as "Black Sunday" in the Canadian media. First time the US has beat us in Olympic hockey since 1960. The only consolation is that it wasn't a medal game.

Hey, Rueben, I'm from Cleveland, where they haven't won a single championship in any of three professional sports since 1964 ... and I'm a Cubs fan.

So I know from bitter losses. I have cried in front of TVs, and I have screamed.

I feel for you guys.

It was a bummer from the Canadian perspective, although personally I think "Black Sunday" is a tad melodramatic [and I'm about as melodramatic as they come - just ask any of my friends!].

Still the game was an exciting one, and we aren't completely out of the medal running yet, though we did just make the climb to the podium much tougher on our ourselves.

I'm going to try to just enjoy the hockey games - being a long-term, die-hard fan of the game - and, at risk of being labelled un-Canadian, I think I'll reserve the right not to commit hari-kari if we don't win Gold. . . if that's okay.

"and I'm about as melodramatic as they come - just ask any of my friends."

Kristen's melodramatic. Verifiably so.

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