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February 26, 2010


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David, a poem is one way to say what often can't otherwise be said. Like you did here. As for your dedication, you caught me with my talking points down. So I will say a simple thank you, and a simple "I'm honored." And keep writing poems.

Life in this poem. Not all of it easy (maybe none of it), but life nonetheless.

And that's what I love in poems.

Honest. And true.

Bravo. Well done.

And you call yourself a toughie...


Nice to see you at the commune-whatever conference.


Love it.

It's true that we all gotta do what we gotta do by ourselves, but sometimes it helps to tell those who care about us that it's feeling a little heavy today.

Your peeps are here for you - to applaud your poetry as highly as your "regular" writing.

Good on you, David.

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