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March 02, 2010


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Um, ya, actually I am having a good time at work these days. I'm working on some kinda cool stuff. If it wasn't for this nasty cold in my head, I would have been pretty happy to roll into the office this morning.

That's one.

I think every work place is tense -- I hear this all over. But I think it has more to do with what's inside us, David. So am I happy at work right now? Yes. I have a good boss, interesting work to do (with all of its normal and abnormal frustrations), and good people to work with. And for those things I am indeed thankful.

That's two.

Glynn, I agree that it's a lot about what's inside us, but the people I'm talking about have never EVER said things to me like, "I'd leave in a heartbeat," or "I can endure a lot for a paycheck," or, "I'm working for a monster but I can handle it."

So I know what's been inside of these folks for years, and I know what's inside of them now, and it's different. These are captains of their own careers--people like you, Glynn--and right now they seem locked in an pitching wheelhouse.

I'm glad there are those who see it differently (and as I've said, I'm enjoying my own work lately). But I'll be happier when these captains have both hands on the wheel and a pipe in their mouths again.

Maybe I don't count because I'm self-employed, but mark me down as three.

I feel immensely fortunate to have paying clients -- and good ones, at that -- in this economy. I haven't missed a mortgage payment and I don't take that lightly.

Are there times when I wish I was doing a different kind of work with different clients? Sure. Is there more that I'd like to do in the future? Yes, though I'm not yet sure what that is. I'm doing a lot of thinking and dreaming in that regard.

But, look -- work is hard. We can always find a lot to hate about it, just as well as we can find a lot to love about it. So stop your whining and get back to work. ;-)

Holland, stop whining about my whining.

I make four, but I agree with your original post. Heck - in some ways I'm relieved this has finally come. I got so fed up with working with older, highly paid but ultimately incompetent "professionals" that on more than one occasion I left an organization because of them. The twin forces of social media and the economic downturn have finally thinned the ranks. Those who are necessary and talented are (mostly) still among those left standing.

Oooh, now THAT'S a new angle. Laura, we'd love any elaboration that you could offer here, without naming names or companies of course.

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