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April 29, 2010


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We have a GE refrigerator in our basement. We bought it in 1977 with our first official house. It's survived three moves and two boys (now grown). It's still going strong.

My Spartus is also my oldest appliance. But it has even fewer "bells and whistles" than yours - a battery reserve but no battery tester. I only just replaced my 25 year old 13 inch TV with a 32 inch flat screen. But other than myself, I think those are the oldest things in my apartment.

Oh Cynthia. A battery with no tester. You poor, poor woman.

I used to have a Spartus clock, too! If I recall correctly, I hit it too hard while snoozing one morning, and Spartus no more.

I have that same clock. It has been waking me up for over twenty five years and is still going strong. I do use the battery back up, it comes in handy when the power fails.

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