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August 25, 2010


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Damn your eyes, Murray.

I was going to blog about Suki's sermon today. And you did it better than I would.

Damn your eyes, man.

Rarely has there been such a perfect fit as there is with Suki and Preaching. Part writing, part acting, part social worker, part nurse, part listener . . . she'll be famous one day.

Steve C.

I've only met Suzanne in person once, but I sorta think she's already famous.

I KNOW that she's awesome, and clever and funny, and I liked her pretty much on first sight.

I guess I need to get on her "sermon distribution list" since Atlanta's a little far for me to go to hit church.

Thanks for sharing this David! And: "Go Suki, GO!"

Well, I couldn't disagree more with your view of who God is and what faith is all about and what church is, David. I just chalk it up to we have very different experiences in how we relate to God.

But I do agree that, based on the opening of Suzanne's sermon, it looks like she'll be one of the good ministers out there, and we can use more of those.

@Steve: I think you've done your share of heart-warming for the week.


@Kristen: Her sermon should become a blog; video blog, actually.

@Robert. I think the difference in how we relate to God, Robert, is that you believe in Him as a specific entity, and I don't.

I find that people who believe in God and people who don't (I have a number of believers among my friends) can agree on their love for human beings, which God, if he's there, must dig.

Absolutely, my friend. God is a big-time believer in every one of his creations, even if they're not believers in him.

I'm counting on that.

Wonderful post, David. While it seems you and I have had pretty different relationships with God and religion, we certainly agree that anyone fortunate enough to cross paths with our Suki will be forever changed for the better by the experience. I can't think of a better way for her to serve and I can't wait to see how this all unfolds for her. I also love that when I opened her sermon and read it for the first time the other day, I could hear her voice in the way that she writes—the punctuation, the capital letters, everything.

Yep, Suki is a hell of a writer, which should be one of the top three qualifications for any job as a minister.

If your friend Suki is posting her sermons somewhere, could you post a link to them on your recommended list? I like how she thinks. And I think my spirit could use some nourishing.

I really like your approach, David, towards teaching children spiritual values. There will be plenty of time for them to explore their own conception of God. They don't need to automatically adopt ours simply because we are their all-knowing parents.

I don't know if anybody else ever goes to the links that you provide, but the one on Alcoholics Anonymous is full of factual misstatements. Most importantly, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are not affiliated. NA is a copycat (not a bad thing)organization that has adopted parts of the AA program to assist drug addicts.

A minor nit to pick is that Bill Wilson was a New York alcoholic. His co-founder of AA, Dr. Bob Smith, was from Ohio.

Closed AA meetings are open to anybody who has a desire to stop drinking. Drug addicts, cumpusive gamblers, overeaters, etc. who don't have a desire to stop drinking alcohol are not welcome at closed AA meetings.

Finally, AA tradition admits a singleness of purpose. It has no opinion as to the advisability of drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes

Hey JG, thanks for your note. Say, though, I didn't provide a link to AA. Not sure where you found that link, but it wasn't in my original post. (Was it??)

The link is at the bottom of your post

Oh, that's just a technorati tag, placed in my post to drag people kicking and screaming to here; I hope nobody ever follows those elsewhere. But if they do, yes: They'll be straight on AA. Thanks. DM

DAvid...AA is one of your Technorati tags a the bottom, which links us to a page on AA

Thanks to all of you for your ridiculously generous praise.

I pray that I am as ready for this as you believe me to be.

Love you all,



Thanks for bringing this beautiful sermon to light.

Several years ago, when Suzanne lived in the "snake house" in Pennsylvania -- sorry folks, only the Ragan clan will get the reference--she launched a blog about her life and living in her home state. After her first post, I sent her a breathless e-mail telling her how much I liked her writing, and the way her mind worked.

Of course, I always have. Suzanne and I met when she was 23 years old, I think. We were both studying Shakespeare at The Folger Shakespeare Theater in Washington. She had been asked by our director to perform a sonnet. I can still remember the beauty of her performance, and the honesty. As you said, David, Suzanne cannot be dishonest.

I really love that you posted this.


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