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September 13, 2010


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"Go with God. But go" Oh MY God - I LOVE THAT!!!! It will be applicable in so many different ways. I will be using that delightful phrase from here on out as frequently as possible.

So, friends/countrypersons/colleagues: You can blame David Murry if my planned overuse of this statement starts to get on your nerves, okay?

I've always liked "You don't have to go home, but you really do have to go."

While still enjoying my European adventure, I must admit it's the other American expats around me who try to prove their importance by sending exactly this type of email before their (many) vacations. Really, folks, the Europeans aren't impressed by our workaholism - it's why they think we're obnoxious and far too self-important, no? Three cheers to my Dutch boss who just vacationed in Spain for three consecutive weeks, and from whom I didn't hear even once.

This is hilarious and spot on.

Ugh. I bet Michael would be a micro manager as well.

As I told a colleague last week (while he was on holiday in Spain and should have been sipping sangria, and enjoying the sunshine rather than meddling in things his clients and colleagues were getting on with quite happily in his absence!):

Cemeteries are full of of indespensible people!

Businesses need competent, healthy workers. Taking some time to recharge your batteries is a necessary part of the process. You are not a machine, learn how to unplug for your and your employer's sake!

How is it even a vacation if you're checking email?

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