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October 29, 2010


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Geez, David! Could you QUIT reminding people that annoying pip-squeak is Canadaian?! Blecht!

But Pinsent more than makes up for him.

Well, there is that! Pinsent really is the BEST!!!

That video is CLASSIC!!!!! Kristen: Is that a regular show this Pissent fella is on?

Steve C.

Pinsent doesn't appear regularly on much these days, Steve. But the Beiber clip is from This Hour Has 22 Minutes - a weekly satirical news show (http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/). Although for my money I prefer the Rick Mercer show (http://www.rickmercer.com). If you've never seen Mercer's classic "Talking to Americans" segments you really must youtube them - but only if you're prepared to take it in the spirit of cross-border brotherly love it is intended ;)

Steve - here's a link to one of the "Talking to Americans" clips Rueben talks about [and they are hilarious], but as he says, you better have your sense of humor firmly in place . . . or, alternatively, just be drunk when you watch! Enjoy!!


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