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October 18, 2010


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This post was just exactly what I needed on the Monday morning back in the office after a week's vacation.

Thanks for getting my week off to a great start with this good reminder about the writer's reality, David!!

This makes me feel MUCH better about the 4 followers my blog has. :)

David: A couple of months ago, a Slate writer quoted a piece I'd written on telecommuting for the now-defunct Omni magazine. The line that caught his interest in going through back issues was about someone who "went to work in his pajamas." I'd completely forgotten about it, and it made my day -- especially in these trying times for writers everywhere. Nice to finally meet you at the Speechwriter's Roundtable, too.

Doug, it was indeed fine meeting you in NYC. That is all.

David -- I love this piece, but wonder where the guy came up with the number 4. why not 5 or 6? these are the things an idle mind kicks around. Sigh...

Like Allison, I feel much better about my own 4 followers! And like Larry Ragan, I also feel a miraculous happiness when told someone has read and enjoyed something I wrote.

So why have I been lurking here, reading and enjoying your posts and not commenting? Er...

And now miraculous happiness is mine!

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