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October 25, 2010


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OMG!!! Laughing hysterically reading this!!!

I'm not sure which is funnier: the "strategic" discussion with Cristy, or the crack about running a three-ring circus!!

I know it won't be any consolation, but every new puppy owner in the world goes through this same shit, David. Stick with your plan and consistency WILL get Charlie [adorable, cute-squared Charlie] with the program eventually.

Thanks for starting my Monday with a fit of the giggles!!

Man up David, but it is nice to know that Scout likes Carol King. She has good taste.

I've called Animal Rescue. They'll be there soon.

The great Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, says dogs need three things, in this order:

1. Discipline
2. Exercise
3. Affection

Always remember that, and you'll be okay. Though why anyone who lives three flights up in the city with no yard would get a dog is mind boggling.

We'll have to talk about that tonight, over beers.

Steve C.

Let's talk about anything but that. Healthcare reform. Financial reform. DADT. Anything but why a person who lives three flights up in the city with no yard would get a dog.

Steve & David: Whatev. After a few beers you won't remember what the hell you talked about anyway, will you??

Have fun!

We're at the other end of the canine spectrum -- just put the pet of 14 years to sleep. If I had it to do all over again -- I'd do it. Gladly.

But I'm still a basket case over what was supposed to have been the kid's dog.

Kristen, Steve and I forget. But we never forgive.

Yes, Glynn, I went through that with our last Springer, a couple of years ago.

Swore I'd never do it again.

(The heart, too, forgets.)

David, great to see you giving a beautiful dog a home. It's like having a newborn. You'll get through it, and it will be wonderful.

Our dog, Annie, is 15 now. Still spry, but I'm already dreading the day ...

Glynn Young wrote some really good stuff about his dog, Cody. I'm sure you saw it.

Enjoy your dog, enjoy your daughter, as I enjoy your posts.

Scout is so cute in this video I can barely stand it. Especially how she drags out the tomorrrrrrrrrrrrooooooow at the end.

Priceless David. I'm still laughing.
But I have a solution to your problem...
get a second dog!
It's easier than taking care of just one. Really.
That's what someone told me and I believed them. If you believe me, we can share the pain.


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