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October 28, 2010


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Good sailing, David. And stay safe (although you're probably safer on a sailboat than a motorcycle).

Sounds awesome! Have a great time! Remember-Port is left. Starboard is right. Red-Right-Return. and watch out for that boom!

My uncle did this a few years ago. He helped crew a sailboat from Hawaii to New Zealand. He speaks of it like a religious experience. He brought two books with him for the trip: one new title he'd never read and a battered, dog-eared copy of his favorite novel from youth that he's read 100 times. I think it was "The Hobbit."

May you have fair winds and following seas.

Actually, David, this might be the first thing you have done in a couple of years that makes sense.

You got that right, Mr. Jamison. I think so fondly of that trip, and so does Bruce, with whom I still drink beer. Just the other night we were talking about that nice long talk we three had before the storm hit ....

Thanks for good wishes all; hope I'm back with a good yarn to tell.

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