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December 14, 2010


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Oh, man, you hit the Boehner right on the pecker. But are you sure this crying stuff is sincere? For some of them, I think it's sociopathic -- a tactic to reveal their sensitivity, to trick the gullible Leslie Stahls of this wonderful world.

Watch the video, Paul. His face goes into a spasm. His cheeks quiver, his chin begins to vibrate and his tongue behaves like a catfish trying to avoid the net. If he's faking it, he ought to stop.

I have spent way too much time today in self-reflection over a piece that you wrote about John Boehner and I don't even share his politics. You see I am also a cryer and always have been. I always thought that I was simply too sensitive, but now I know that it's a sign of my self absorption while I worry and count the years I have to stay solvent, keep out of jail and earn my kids' admiration on my deathbed.

Thank God I can still think.


I love Orange Julius. And by love, I mean, holy shit is that guy the most unintentionally hilarious person on the planet.

Where does the modern Republican party find these people?

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