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January 25, 2011


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i am also resisting the urge to sneak a peek at the speech. PS alternate water and wine, bro. this is a marathon and we need your keen insights for the wrap up most of all!

I was alternating whiskey and wine. But you're right. I will switch to straight wine.

do i have to hit refresh or other OR will your comments simply appear as you post?

what channel are you watching? last inane process question....for now

Yeah, you've got to keep hitting refresh.

And: I'm watching the live feed on CNN, on my computer, because the TV is in the other room.

not engaged yet... writing thought bubbles for biden and boehner in my mind...ok education talk...

One likes what he is saying but we've heard it all before. Boehner looked like he was thinking, "I'M not gonna drive one of those electric cars, are you kidding me?"

I agree the speech is flat, although I did like the phrase, "what a robust democracy demands." Nice alliteration there.

Why does Obama have the coloring of a circus peanut?


He's trying to appeal to young voters.


That Ron Kirk you just saw is the former mayor of Dallas, where I live. Probably the city's most popular mayor in 25 years.

love the idea of dropping current nclb and honoring nation-builders....dont know about actual impact of race to the top...too busy actually juggling while on a unicycle up Mt. Springfield's education budget etc.

I think the speech and the mood in the room has gotten much better suddenly. Not sure why. Although maybe tip of the hat to Obamacare having flaws helped him?

Here's an idea -- sensors in the seats that record what each congressperson stood to applaud for and what issue caused each one to sit on their earmark and not applaud. Then publish that online somewhere. That comment about insurance companies had some people sitting and sneering. Wonder where their campaign contributions come from...

Nice focus on the voter, I think. Because citizens have a right to know... I've been using that a lot lately in e-mail communications I craft for local politicians. Also like the term 'larding up' although there goes the campaign contribution from Crisco...

Really appreciating your posts here, Jeff. Thanks.

I think that last run would have been stronger had it not changed voice -- "We will not relent, we will not waver...we WILL defeat you."

I think it would have sounded better to say, "We will be steadfast, we will be resolute and we will defeat you". What do you think, Murray?

I'd say you are probably listening better than I am.

I agree though that this is not very engaging overall. I think a link to a video on YouTube of your wife imitating James Brown is in order, David.

Thanks David. This was the most civil live blog I've ever seen. ;-)

Jeff, that's not saying much.

Opposition party needs to find a better way to respond to the SotU. These zero-energy, short speeches delivered straight into a camera are absolute killers.

Shawn, if SOTU is a flawed medium, the response to it is a bottomless boat. Always has been. I mean, how do you write a compelling "response" to a series of platitudes you haven't yet seen?

Honestly, I'd give the president the night as far as prepared remarks go. Issue rapid-response statements by e-mail/tweet while the speech is being delivered. Do stand-up interview responses outside the House chamber or on the steps of the Capitol after the speech. But schedule your prepared response for a day after the SotU and do it in front of a townhall-type crowd. The audience won't be the same, but I think it would be more effective.

Could hardly be less.

I felt that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's Republican response to the State of the Union Address was well written and delivered.

Tom, I'll have to take your word for it because I don't remember a word of it.

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