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April 27, 2011


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So did you try out for football?


At least not until you grew up and played with the Force!

You're a close watcher, Ellen!

Our smalltown family doctor was Dr. King. My parents found out he was an alcoholic after he almost killed me taking my tonsils out and accidentally snipping a blood vessel.

I've never been a fan of HMOs and giant medical complexes that seem to have a factory-like feel to them, churning patients in and out all day. But I have to admit that it was quite convenient one time when I had a dr. visit, blood work and a prescription pick-up all in the same day, in the same hour, within the same building.

Yes, there were definitely downsides to family docs--a lot of them were probably behind the times--and I suppose there are upsides to the way it feels now. Some kind of blend is in order; it's just that nobody seems to be worried about creating such a blend.

We actually have a good family doc, and a healthy relationship with him. He recently told me that I am fat. I came this close to telling him he is short.


You should bring me with you to your next doctor's office. Then when he calls you fat, you turn to me and say: "Show him fat, hoss."

And I'll take off my shirt and he'll never bother you again.

Steve C.

Thanks oodles for the visual, Steve.

Seeked? Sought? (I do, you!)

Peeked, or pought?

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