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June 13, 2011


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Those were the days.

Love this, David. Not an angry, fearful nor loathing sentiment in sight!

Miss you, pal!!

You did mean to say important and not impotent, in the opening.

Unless you know something I don't.

Great item. Things sure have mellowed. Last night, Cindy and I had a great fish dinner on the waterfront with a client/friend from England, finished off with some drinks in the hotel bar, and were in bed by 11.

Not like the old days . . .

Steve C.

Remember when, immediately upon arrival at the conference hotel, we used to lay in the gin and ice and tonic? Always purchased from the hotel, for like $500.

Back then, "some drinks" meant something different.

Oh, the memories . . . like you introducing yourself as my lackey at the speechwriters conference one year during a breakfast session. I think that was the same year the hotel had a fire during our cocktail party the night before.

Well, John, I was your lackey.

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

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